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An elite international management consulting firm

Global Business Management Consultants (GBMC)

Founded in 1985 & specializing in Global Project Management training and consulting

GBMC has become one of the most respected project management consulting firms. GBMC's experienced consultants conduct organizational development, management training and consulting in project management in 50 countries and in 14 languages throughout Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.

GBMC works with top management at leading organizations in tackling their most difficult and unique organizational development challenges. GBMC's consultants then design and structure appropriate consulting or project management training addressing those specific needs at each level of the organization. This can be as basic as introducing project management tools and techniques to new managers, or as complex as assisting a company's transition into a true project-based company. This emphasis on Global Project Management, that is, consistent, cross-functional project management application at all levels of the organization on a global basis, is GBMC's speciality. GBMC's international corporate policy to customize its programs at no additional cost to the client further demonstrates its commitment to professionalism and customer satisfaction

Since 1986, GBMC has worked with NASA's Academy for Program and Project Leadership (APPL) and has been an integral part of its Program and Project Management Initiative (PPMI). GBMC's Fundamentals of Project Management and The Art of Project Management remains basic elements for the NASA-wide training. In addition, GBMC is a Globally Registered Project Management Institute (PMI ®) Provider and its courses carry Professional Development Units credits (PDU's) for continuing Project Management Professional (PMP ®) certification by PMI ®.

5 Reasons Why Clients Choose Our Service!

  • We work in 50 countries, in 14 languages throughout Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas..
  • We work with senior executives at leading organizations.
  • We provide cross-functional project management applications at all levels of the organization.
  • We are one of the most highly respected project management consulting firms in the world.
  • We offer world class project management consulting services.
  • Top global companies engage GBMC when they need to develop their people, systems and culture to deliver high performance results in line with their strategic objectives. GBMC consultants are adept at analyzing the clients needs, developing targeted, high impact organizational interventions, and deploying solutions to close the strategy-execution gap, producing measurable bottom line results.

  • GBMC consultants bring extensive "real-life" Project Management experience which sets GBMC apart from our competition. Our customers benefit from hundreds of years of cumulative experience with organizations ...


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